About us

Envie New York is a handcrafted fine jewelry brand founded in 2015 by designer Judy Yi.  Judy was born in Seoul, South Korea and has traveled the world from a very young age.  She found a love for art and design during her time in Japan where she studied Fashion Design.  Envie New York portrays Judy's love of simplistic elegance and by using only gold, natural stones, and the highest quality Cubic Zirconia, Envie New York creates pieces that are contemporary yet timeless.  Each jewelry, from the first cast to last polish, is done in the heart of NYC by the city's master craftsmen.


Envie New York ,来自纽约本土的高定级珠宝品牌,由韩国设计师Judy Yi于2015年创立。Judy出生于韩国首尔,年幼时就随家人周游列国,建筑、河流、山川这些世界各地的美好深深的印入了小judy的心里。在日本学习时尚设计的这段时间里,她的设计天赋日趋明显,15年初夏创办了个人独立品牌Envie New York。
Envie New York 所有产品均采用14、18K金、天然宝石以及上乘的方晶锆石,以简洁高雅为设计的基调,创作了众多具有现代艺术气息且不失经典的作品。每一件成品从最初的设计、铸造到最终的成型都是由纽约曼哈顿核心地域最专业的工匠师傅精心打造。万般用心,只为最精致的你。